Jill, the "good girl," who wasn't going to have sex until she was in love... Hilton, her best friend, the one
who believes everything happens for a reason... Laney and Natalie, their college roommates... Adam,
the fun-loving, irresistible playboy Jill has a crush on... Luke, Hilton's boyfriend of two and a half
years... Todd, Jill's other best friend and the boy she loved for five years, even though he never knew
it. All living it up and having the times of their lives on two college campuses in the Midwest. Parties,
bars, crazy spring breaks. Friendships and relationships that seem like they'll last forever.

But one night will forever change the lives of every one of them. One careless moment, one
thoughtless decision, will tangle the string connecting them into a thick, intricate web of secrets, lies,
gossip, and betrayal. This is a story of tested friendships, lost trust, things left unsaid, and the struggle
to believe that everything happens for a reason when the reason is impossible to imagine. It is a story
of discovering that nothing is ever as it seems and that even the best of friends can hide the worst of
secrets. And it is a story about broken dreams...
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!!!WARNING!!! This site contains information you may not want to
see if you are reading the
spin the bottle series or want to read that series before
reading this book. (It is definitely okay to read this book first and then read the
spin the bottle series.) Everything Happens for a Reason... and this website are
about Jill's, Hilton's, and Todd's college lives and experiences. This website is
based on where the characters are in life and what relationships they are in at the
beginning of
Everything Happens for a Reason..., in February 2004. This website
will not give away anything that happens in the book, but will give away how some
relationships from
spin the bottle turned out at the end of high school.
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