When the guy Lorylyn Porter thought was the love of her life tells her
he's engaged, her world collapses. It doesn't matter that she married
somebody else five years ago, or that she still keeps in touch with a fling
from a summer on Martha's Vineyard, or that she fantasizes about
another guy she might love more than all of them.

As she fights to move on from the news, write a dissertation on her
personal theory of love, and find her own happiness, her past and
present love stories collide alongside those of her roommates. Zibby,
who's had two weddings, but only one her family knows about...Jansen,
whose developing relationship with one of her closest guy friends will
force her to choose either what they have or a future that might not
exist with the most important guy in her life...and Kylar, who loves three
guys but can't seem to get things to work with any of them.

Amid ghosts from the past, conflicting feelings, and blurred lines, the
girls will discover that no matter how much you love a guy, sometimes that
heartbreaking moment of clarity comes along when you realize the best
part of the relationship is over, and you don't want the rest of his life.
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I Don't Want the Rest of
Your Life
and this website are about Lorylyn's college
life, experiences, and friends. This website is based on
where the characters are in life and what relationships
they are in during
I Don't Want the Rest of Your Life,
from January 2004 through May 2009. This website will
not give spoilers for the book, but may tell or imply how
some relationships from other books have turned out.
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