luke windler
Age: 24
Birthdate: 07/01/1982
Birthplace: Treyville, IN
Residence: Dale, IN
World Ranking: soon to be Tanner Bruin's
lawyer. lol
Height: 6'4
Plays: basketball at Todd's gym
Sponsor: I don't need a sponsor.
Racquet: whatever my famous clients
use...that's what I'll represent :)
Hobbies: hanging out w/ Hilton, playing
basketball, going to the Turtle w/ the
roomies, NOT studying
Interesting Facts: I have one year of law
school left. I intern at a local law office.
But at least it's a paid internship. :) I've
been w/ my girlfriend Hilton for almost 6
years. She's pretty kickass, as are our
roomies Jill, Todd, and Adria. Yeah...I
guess I'm not that interesting. Oh
wait...I'm freaking fantastic in bed. Just ask
Hilton. :)
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