cindy tremont
about me:
  • clint's mom
  • larry's ex-wife
  • former mistress of the circles of 8
  • 16 years ago,  scarlett thought i was having an affair w/ her
    husband  frederick (i wasn't) and she tried to murder me
    using witchcraft. i caught on and stopped her using a spell of
    my own. she doesn't remember any of it, other than a
    lingering bad feeling toward my friend  corinne, who first
    warned me someone was out to get me and also played a
    part in helping me stop scarlett
  • after scarlett's attempt to kill me, i wrote a book called urban
    legends about my experience in the circles of 8, but the
    circles got it out of publication within a day
  • i now live in south carolina w/ my 2nd husband tom and my
    children with him,  magnolia, james, and johnny
  • summer house: we live in south carolina year-round, but my
    parents still have a summer house on the outer banks, where
    they now live full-time and which i visit every year for a bit
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