corinne auerbach
about me:
  • jason and  kella's mom
  • jacob's wife
  • jansen's legal guardian
  • former mistress of the circles of 8
  • best friends w/  robert capshaw
  • also good friends w/  cindy tremont, we roomed together at yale
  • i sometimes go by the name leah rial cabreuah. it's a code...the
    circles' code
  • summer house: we own a summer house in vermont, but we
    haven't used it in years. now we vacation in europe each summer.
    our former maid,  aglaya, lives in the vermont house for protection,
    in case the circles of 8 ever finds out cindy and i published a book
    under her name that references cindy's other book, urban legends
  • jansen and jason (and now kella) think i have another secret
    related to the circles of 8, maybe even involving  anabelle. maybe i
    do. i won't be telling them any of it. they think i'm warning them to
    cease and desist. but i know when i was their age, if someone
    warned me off, it only would've made me more curious...
  • it is coming true. i don't know yet how it will all play out...but it is
    coming true
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