jansen montgomery
about me:
full name: jansen raina montgomery
birthday: march 18
school: park avenue academy
summer house: wherever the auerbachs go in europe
:D:D:D...thank GOD i don't have to go to the hamptons
anymore!!! i could not be happier
parents: none, since  scarlett and  frederick montgomery
disowned me after my OD. now i live w/  
corinne,  jacob,  
jason, and  kella, and my life has never been better
siblings: none
pets:  jäger and  brownie
best friends: jason,  hersh,  clint
relationship status: not technically in a relationship w/ jas
cuz we don't need that...just enjoying paradise w/ him and
being each other's best ever ;)
drink of choice: vodka tonic
drug of choice: ecstasy w/ jas, coke every once in a while,
but not as much as i used to, pot
biggest secret: currently: trying not to let corinne find out jas
and i are still looking into her past and plan to go back to
vermont. w/ my school friends: my OD and the fact that my
parents disowned me. everyone knows i live w/ jason, but no
one knows the real reason why. overall: the fact that my mom
tried to murder  
clint's mom using witchcraft and that i HATE
her (my mom)
favorite hobby: paradise w/ jason, traveling, really anything,
anytime, anywhere w/ jason..., hanging w/ jas, hersh, and
clint at red sulfur or clint's roof
my parents would die if they knew: what i know about them

the craziest deception i pull off in this book (aka
my best use of
mirrors and blue smoke) is:

*all of it. everything. the circles,  anabelle,  jonathan,  
katalina, what the boys and i plan...yeah. all of it. :D
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