jason auerbach
about me:
full name: jason michael auerbach
birthday: october 2
school: fifth avenue prep
summer house: whatever hotels/villas in europe we stay in for a
month every summer
parents:  corinne and  jacob auerbach
siblings:  kella auerbach
pets:  jäger and  brownie
best friends:  jansen,  hersh, and  clint
relationship status: paradise w/ jansen whenever we want it
...we don't need a status to make us "us"
drink of choice: vodka tonic, whiskey and coke, tequila shots
drug of choice: ecstasy w/ jans, coke here and there, pot
biggest secret: jans and i are making plans to go back to
vermont, even though my mom has told us it's off limits. our
biggest secret is we're trying to figure out
her biggest secret
favorite hobby: paradise w/ jansen ;), traveling
my parents would die if they knew: well, like i said, my mom
might flip out if she knew jans and i aren't leaving vermont alone.
and also that we still do coke, even after jansen's OD. yeah. they
aren't surprised by much, especially my mom, but they would not
like that

the craziest deception i pull off in this book (aka my
best use of
mirrors and blue smoke) is:

*definitely the spell that...oh wait, can't say...don't wanna spoil
anything. all i'll say is who the fuck ever thought i would use a
spell for anything?! the whole thing still blows my mind
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