aubrey gage
Age: 25
Relationship Status: back w/ my ex, the one and only Haidin
Bayliss ;);)
Birthdate: 1/3/1984
Hometown: Gale, NC
Residence: New York City, NY
World Ranking: um, I was nominated for an Oscar this year. what
else do you need to know?
Height: 5'7
Plays: Misch on the TV drama NYC, Emma in Cigarettes,
Cocaine, Coffee
(2008), Kate in Love Means More than Money
(2007), and Vix in an upcoming and still-untitled 2010 film written
by Diablo Cody
Sponsor: my name speaks for itself, I don't tie myself to
anyone/anything else
Racquet: well I don't have one but if Haidin wants to play w/ his,
I could probably come up w/ some pretty fun ideas ;)
Hobbies: saying shit that will make people cringe...cuz most of
them need a little shaking up
Interesting Facts: My life is about to change in such a major way,
in 10 months I will hardly know the Aubrey I am at the start of the
book and the person I just described above. If you don't think the
pic of me in a hoodie w/ my hair in a ponytail on this page is
fitting, you're right. But it will be, soon. Also, I have a secret I've
kept from the world for years now, and you could say it comes
back to haunt me in this book
Celeb Who Looks Most Like Me and Should Play Me in the Movie
of this Book:
Leonor Varela
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