Only May in Paris
Will Tell
The emotional wreckage of a failed proposal. A broken ankle. A wild
bachelorette party at a gay bar. A jaw-dropping exposé on one of the
world’s top tennis players. That was May in Paris in 2009, when the tennis
tour landed in the city for its annual French Open fortnight. Hilton Joliet, a
photographer for the magazine Game Set Match and a friend of several
players on tour, was at the center of it all. And in the two months since
Paris, life has continued to serve up surprises.

A month ago in Vero Beach, Florida, Hilton told her best friend on tour
Tanner Bruin she’s in love with him. Five nights ago in Indianapolis, they
kissed, but Tanner still doesn’t know how he feels about her. Last night,
Hilton knocked on the Indy hotel door of another friend on tour, her former
hookup buddy Haidin Bayliss, to celebrate his latest tennis win. The door was
opened by Haidin’s lingerie-clad ex-girlfriend and self-described Hilton
enemy, bitchy, outrageous A-list actress Aubrey Gage. This morning, Hilton is
600 miles away in Kansas, driving across the country with her ex-boyfriend
and still-best-friend Luke Windler, from whom she fears her life will soon go
down a very different road.

In ten months, the next French Open will bring the launch party for Hilton’s
photography book Living in a Postcard, a divorce less shocking than the
events of the marriage preceding it, two pregnancy announcements, a
fake girlfriend on a fake trip who may actually have gone MIA, and a
connection between another of the world’s top tennis players and a year-
old unsolved murder. Until then, the seductive dance that is the tour
lifestyle…one that draws Hilton and her friends together one week and
drops them in different corners of the world the next…will swirl on, clouding
the air with questions and setting the stage for the answers only May in
Paris can reveal.
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