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book club questions
These questions go along with the third Spin the Bottle novel, Best-Kept Secrets. You can use them
with your book club or friends, or just look at them on your own for fun! If you haven’t finished the book
yet though, beware, there are some spoilers!

1) What was your favorite scene in
Best-Kept Secrets?

2) Think about/discuss all the secrets in the book.

3) How do characters change/develop over the course of this book? Are there any who don’t change?

4) Look at “spin the bottle (part 3),” the poem at the beginning of this book. Reread the first eight lines.
Who all could the “i” be? Reread the rest. What all situations from the book does the poem describe?
When is “everything wrong” for the majority of the characters? How and when does it go “back to
good or better” for different people? What is the meaning of the line “but back to the same lies too”?
What’s the double meaning of the line “i love being so mean to the other teams”? What are the well-
played games? The better-told lies? The best-kept secrets?

5) Reread scenes involving Brooke from the beginning of the book up through Ch. 8, “secrets,” of the
junior year section. How is her pregnancy foreshadowed or hinted at? Did you figure out she was
pregnant before Ch. 8? If so, at what point?

6) At the time of the 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Ch. 6 of the
summer section, Melanie hasn’t
shown any jealousy toward Jill in front of Todd. Why do you think Todd doesn’t tell her about Jill and the
girls staying with him and the boys after the tournament?

7) Reread the first two scenes in Ch. 14 of the
summer section: “landon’s… july 31.” What kind of mood
do you think these scenes set for the upcoming party?

8) The last two lines of that same chapter read: “The early morning of August 1, 1999. A night to
remember forever.” What earlier scene’s ending do these lines mirror? Why are those lines repeated

9) Listen to “Then the Morning Comes” by Smash Mouth or look up the lyrics. Think about/discuss what
part(s) of the song probably reminded Jill of Melanie and then, later, of her own group of friends.

10) The quote at the beginning of the
junior year section reads: “if only you knew…if only they all knew.”
Brooke is the one who thinks this, in Ch. 5, “homecoming queen.” What is she thinking of? Which other
characters could have this same phrase run through their heads at any point in the book, and what
would each of them be thinking of?

11) What did you think was going on with Hillary not wanting to hook up with Dirk anymore? What did
you think she was doing at Planned Parenthood when she ran into Brooke? What did you think Brooke
was doing there?

12) How does the
junior year Ch. 4 title, “just askin’ for trouble,” fit each scene in that chapter?

13) Think about/discuss Brooke’s reactions to winning Homecoming Queen and then later finding out it
was a mistake. Why did she react as she did in each situation?

14) How does the
junior year Ch. 7 title, “what’s wrong with that picture?,” have a bigger meaning in
the chapter beyond the scene in which Jill says that phrase?

15) Look at Ch. 8 of the
junior year section, entitled “secrets.” Which scene seems unrelated to the
others and has no specific secret revealed to the reader or to any character? Why would that scene
appear in this chapter?

16) Think about/discuss Jill and Hilton’s fascination with the 1920s. Why is each girl so interested in the
20s? How is each girl like Zelda Sayre? How did their summer parallel the 20s as a decade? Listen to “Life
in the Fast Lane” by the Eagles or look up the lyrics. Why would the girls have chosen this song for their
project in the
junior year section, Ch. 9? How does the song fit their own lives? If you have read The
Great Gatsby
, why do you think Jordan Baker is Jill’s favorite character? What similarities and
differences exist between Jill and Jordan?

17) How do you feel about Jill’s thought that a tragic, unfulfilling end to a relationship in a book is
better than a happily-ever-after ending?

18) Do you think Lorylyn made the right decision in getting back together with Brady? If you were her,
would you have gotten back together with him? At what point? Do you think Lorylyn and Brady have
a valid relationship? Should he have told her he cheated on her in the past? If he had, what would her
reaction have been? What do you want to happen with them in the future?

19) Think about/discuss Jill and Todd’s relationship. What do you think Todd’s feelings are for her? In the
junior year section, Ch. 23, “sun, sand, water-wrestling, and landon’s… in fmb,” Jill wonders why Todd
could want to be with Mel when he and Mel haven’t shared all the funny memories, stories, inside jokes,
and important moments he and Jill have. Jill thinks maybe she’s made herself too available to Todd
and even annoys him by being around all the time. Has she made herself too available? Do you think
Todd is annoyed? Why do you think nothing has happened between Todd and Jill? What attracts
Todd to Melanie? What do you think of his and Mel’s relationship?

20) Think about/discuss and/or look back to scenes with Landon throughout the whole series. How
would you describe his personality?

21) Look back at scenes mentioning or taking place at boys’ night (Chs. 8, 24, and 25 of the
junior year
section). What do you know about boys’ night (who goes, where is it, how often is it, etc.)? Think
about/discuss Landon’s decision to quit hosting in Ch. 25 and reread the email he sends. What
questions do you have, if any?

22) Look back over
junior year Ch. 25, “the todd low.” Besides being the opposite of “the Todd high” Jill
was on through much of
Wrong All Along, what different kind of Todd low exists in this chapter?

23) Who do you think is the girl who wants to ruin Hilton’s life, and what do you think was the thing that
happened to make her hate Hilton? Hint: You know about the event itself, but you weren’t given the
perspective of all characters involved, so you don’t know the whole story yet. (I know this is really not
much of a hint at all.) ;)

24) What all events in
Best-Kept Secrets were foreshadowed earlier in the book or in the first two books
of the series? How were they foreshadowed?

25) What things may have been foreshadowed or hinted at but didn’t happen?

26) What examples exist in Best-Kept Secrets of dramatic irony (when the reader knows something
certain character(s) don’t)?

27) What examples exist in
Best-Kept Secrets of situational irony (when something turns out differently
from how characters think it will)?

28) What traditions exist throughout the series so far?

29) What’s your favorite plotline in the series so far or right now?

30) Who is your favorite character? Least favorite character? To which character do you most relate?

31) What events in
Best-Kept Secrets are initiated or caused by spin the bottle?

32) What are you most urgently wanting to know about in
Game Over?

33) What are your predictions for
Game Over? (Look at the “Next, in the conclusion to spin the
…” page at the end of this book for a guide if you want.)

34) Do you have any guesses as to what the shattering secret is? If you don’t have any ideas, look back
over all three books and see what unanswered questions you have.
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