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book club questions
These questions go along with the fourth Spin the Bottle novel, Game Over. You can use them with
your book club or friends, or just look at them on your own for fun! If you haven’t finished the book yet
though, beware, there are some spoilers!

1) Reread the “previously, in
spin the bottle” section. Think about/discuss the clues. Do they hold more
meaning now? What was each one foreshadowing?

2) Think about/discuss multiple meanings of the title
Game Over.

3) Now having read
Game Over and knowing what you know, why did Tiffany ask Brady to prom their
junior year (in
Wrong All Along)?

4) Look back at
Wrong All Along, sophomore year, Ch. 7. What’s ironic about Hilton thinking of Dirk, out
of all her friends’ boyfriends, when she thinks of a boy who’d be likely to cheat?

5) How does the comment that Hilton makes to Landon in
Wrong All Along, that he knows what he’s
doing a lot, turn out to be true in a way Hilton could never have predicted?

6) How is Jill and Hilton’s fascination with the 1920s—the crazy ride leading to the blindsiding,
devastating crash—now even more symbolic?

7) If Hilton had never found out about the game, do you think she and Landon would have lasted?
What about if Lorylyn and Kelsey never found out about the game? Would their relationships with Brady
and Bennett have lasted?

8) Look back to
Wrong All Along (sophomore year section, Chs. 8 and 11) and Best-Kept Secrets
summer section, Ch. 14) to the scenes where Landon comforts Lindy or sticks up for her regarding
Andy. How was this ironic and hypocritical?

9) Look at the first stanza of the poem “spin the bottle (part 4).” This stanza was also included at the
very end of “spin the bottle (part 3)” in
Best-Kept Secrets. One of the discussion questions for Best-Kept
asked what the “well-played games, better-told lies, and best-kept secrets” were. After
Game Over, how would you add to or change your answer?

10) Who all could the “i” be in the second stanza of “spin the bottle (part 4)”? The “she”? Who all could
the “i” be in the fourth stanza? The last line of the poem is from Brooke’s senior will. What did she mean
by it? Who else could say that, and what would they mean?

11) In the
summer 2000 section, Ch. 6., “the bad kind of thoughts,” Brooke thinks she’s not in love with
Brady anymore. What do you think?

12) How is Lorylyn’s college choice foreshadowed during her college visits with Brady and her parents in
Ch. 11 of the
summer 2000 section?

13) Look at the
summer 2000 section, Ch. 12, “landon’s… hilton’s 18th.” Reread Jill and Melanie’s
conversation and Jill’s thoughts in the second scene. Why is Todd doing what he’s doing? Do you think
Jill should be mad? How does Todd feel about each girl at this point?

14) How is the beautiful day and then the still air right before the tornado (Ch. 14,
summer 2000 section)
symbolic of the events of Ch. 14 and the goodbye party that follows? How is the mood altered at the
end of Ch. 14 and the beginning of Ch. 15 to be ominous, like the eerie green sky before the tornado?

15) Think about/discuss all the situational irony (when something turns out differently from how
characters think it will) in Chs. 14 and 15 of the
summer 2000 section.

16) Look at all the lists from the closet wall and go back to previous books. Make comparisons and see if
anything makes more sense now.

17) When did Tiffany, Stacy, and Blake find the lists? Find the scene in which those three girls are
mentioned in the
summer section of Wrong All Along. Where was another scene when they talked
about it? Look back to the
sophomore year section, Ch. 7, of Wrong All Along. What’s going on with
Tiffany and Stacy’s looks? What foreshadowing exists in Hilton’s conversation with Jill in the next scene?

18) How would you feel after the goodbye party if you were Hilton? Landon? Lorylyn? Brady? Jill? Kelsey?
Melanie? Todd? Bennett? Dirk? Hillary? Blake? Tiffany/Stacy? Brooke? Lindy? Robbie?

19) How did you feel about each of the characters listed above after the goodbye party? How do you
feel about each of them after finishing the book?

20) Look at Ch. 2 in the
senior year section. Jill thinks Kelsey must not have loved Bennett as much as she
loves Todd. Thinking of scenes from
Game Over and previous books, do you agree? What was Kelsey
and Bennett’s love like? What is Jill and Todd’s love like? If Jill did something horrible, do you think it
would change Todd’s opinion of her or how he feels about her?

21) What do you think of Lindy, Hilton, and Ms. Kirkwood’s conclusion that Landon was lacking
emotionally? Did he really love Hilton? Think about/discuss his letter to her. He says Hilton is the only one
who ever really knew him and his true self is the part of him that was always trying to impress her and
was crazy in love with her. How do you feel about that? How do you feel about Hilton’s conclusion in
summer 2001 section, Ch. 13, that he’s just so fucked up he’ll never be the person he wanted to be
with her?

22) If you had the option of changing how each of the following relationships ended, would you? If so,
 -Hilton and Landon    -Hillary and Dirk             -Lindy and Robbie       -others?
 -Lorylyn and Brady      -Brooke and Brady       -Lindy and Landon
 -Jill and Todd                -Kelsey and Bennett    -Kelsey and Kyle
 -Jill and Detter             -Todd and Melanie      -Brooke and Jaden

23) Think about/discuss Todd and Melanie’s relationship. How is it different this time around? How has
Mel changed since the first time they went out? Do they love each other? Think/talk about their ups
and downs. What causes these? How do you feel about Todd and Mel as a couple? Did your feelings
stay the same throughout the series or change? How do Mel’s feelings for Todd change throughout this
book? Does she love him, or is it just about beating Jill?

24) When Todd mentions his parents’ divorce at school, Jill immediately forgives him for knowing about
the game and not telling. What do you think…should she have? Should Hilton, Lorylyn, and everyone
else be mad at Todd, Bennett, and Dirk for their role in boys’ night?

25) Discuss multiple meanings of the
senior year, Ch. 3 title, “the best of the best.”

26) Did Hilton ever really know Landon? Did Lorylyn or Brooke ever really know Brady?

27) What do you think of Hilton’s theory about not comparing things to the past, but figuring out what
you want from a situation this time?

28) Discuss how various characters have changed throughout the series.

29) In Ch. 13 of the
senior year section, when Jill and Todd are driving back from meeting with Todd’s
mom’s lawyer, Jill makes a joke about Todd wishing she were easy, and he shrugs and says, “I don’t
know about that.” What do you think he means?

30) What all “wrong impressions” are there in Ch. 22 of the
senior year section?

31) In Ch. 22 of the
senior year section, Jill doesn’t think Todd takes her relationships seriously or feels
threatened by them; she doesn’t think he sees them as comparable to his with Melanie. Do you agree
he feels this way? If so, why does he? If not, how does he feel about Jill’s relationships? Why do you think
he never liked Zack? Were there any indicators in
Best-Kept Secrets of how he felt about Detter when
Jill was dating Detter?

32) Look back at Todd’s thoughts in Ch. 23 of the
senior year section, “why she’d be pissed.” Do you
agree with his conclusion about his feelings for Jill? Or does he really not know how he feels?

33) What if Jill would’ve been honest when Todd asked her if she liked him, or if Todd would’ve been
able to tell she was lying? What do you think would’ve happened?

34) What all falls to pieces in Ch. 26 of the
senior year section?

35) How is the prom theme symbolic?

36) How are Jill’s, Hilton’s, and Hillary’s French names (Oceane, Geneva, and Chanel) symbolic of their
personalities and/or interests?

37) Think about/discuss the MAP final projects. Listen to the songs the characters picked or look up the
lyrics. Do you agree with what Hilton says about reality? What other theme songs would you choose for
various characters?

38) What do you think of Lorylyn’s decision to go to Irelan?

39) What did you think of Landon and Hilton’s run-in at Abercrombie? Their lunch? What did you want
to happen?

40) In the
summer 2001 section, Ch. 10, “bennett’s… hilton’s 19th birthday party,” Mel thinks she sees
something in Todd’s body language when he talks to Jill that makes her think part of him wants Jill. Do
you think he does? If so, is it conscious or subconscious?

41) What do you think of Lorylyn continuing to hook up with Brady over the summer? What are your
predictions for her college book? What would you like to see happen for her?

42) What will Mel’s reaction be when she reads Todd’s senior will in October?

43) In Ch. 14 of the
summer 2001 section, “lasts,” Jill tells Hilton, “You should’ve heard him talking about
Melanie tonight. I think he really loves her.” Does he? Hilton says Melanie thinks she loves Todd but is too
needy to be in a long-distance relationship. What’s your opinion on that?

44) Do you agree with Hilton and the girls about pacts and promise rings (
summer 2001, Ch. 15,

45) How are circles a symbol throughout the
Spin the Bottle series? What are literal and figurative
examples of circles in the books? How does everything come full circle at the end of
Game Over?

46) How are the following things also used as symbols throughout the series?
       -games     -pacts      -promise rings      -the 1920s

47) Why does the last scene of the series take place at Landon’s lake cottage? Why does the series end
with Jill looking out over the yard and lake? (If you watch
Friends, think of the last scene of the last

48) How is it symbolic when Hilton runs down to the lake and throws the beer bottle?

49) How is it symbolic that the girls leave Landon’s as the sun is rising?

50) How does the quote from Landon’s letter to Hilton, used at the beginning of the epilogue, fit Jill’s
senior will and her friendships in general?

51) What all traditions existed throughout the
Spin the Bottle series?

52) Who is your favorite character now? Least favorite? To whom do you most relate?

53) What was your favorite scene in
Game Over? In the whole series?

54) What was your favorite plotline in
Game Over or the whole series?

55) Why do you think the series is called
Spin the Bottle?

56) What are your predictions for the characters’ futures? Where will they be in 1 year? 5 years?
not like
paradise trilogy