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book club questions
These questions go along with the first Spin the Bottle novel, Really Good Friends. You can use them
with your book club or friends, or just look at them on your own for fun! If you haven’t finished the book
yet though, beware, there are some spoilers!

1) Which character do you most relate to and why?

2) Which situations remind you of ones in your own life?

3) What was your favorite scene?

4) What events in the book are initiated or caused by games of spin the bottle?

5) What all guy/girl pairs are “really good friends,” but the girl wants more?

6) What other meanings does the title hold?

7) The quote before the
freshman year section of the book is, “she’s so lucky…she actually got the guy
she likes.” Jill thinks this about Hilton when Hilton draws Reed to kiss at midnight on New Year’s. To what
extent does this quote fit Hilton? Who else could it fit at different points in the book?

8) Which couple is your favorite? Who would you like to see become a couple? Who do you think each
of the main characters should be with? Are there any couples you dislike?

9) What examples are there of dramatic irony in the book (when the reader knows something certain
characters don’t)?

10) What examples are there of situational irony (when something turns out differently from how
characters think it will)?

11) What secrets do characters keep from each other?

12) Which events are foreshadowed before they happen? How are they foreshadowed? Did you see
them coming?

13) Why do you think the series is called
Spin the Bottle?

14) What are the multiple meanings of the
freshman year Ch. 9 title, “nothing left to look forward to”?

15) Do you think Lorylyn made the right decision in breaking up with Brady after the New Year’s party?

16) Do you think she made the right decision in getting back together with him?

17) Do you believe Brady really loves Lorylyn, as he tells her in the spring? What are his true feelings for
Lorylyn and for Brooke?

18) What do you think are Todd’s true feelings for Jill?

19) If you were Brooke and Brady slept with you, then a couple weeks later he asked Lorylyn to the
dance and started dating her, what would you have done? Do you feel any sympathy for Brooke?

20) If the situation described above that happened with Brooke and Brady had happened with Jill and
Todd instead (or even if Jill and Todd had just made out and then he asked someone else to the
dance/started dating someone else), what do you think Jill would have done?        

21) What do you think of Hilton’s decision to go out with Reed and her reasoning that she really liked
him and thought if she got Landon now, she wouldn’t have anything left to go for?

22) What is the meaning of the
freshman year Ch. 11 title, “the people who don’t come to the
dances”? Who are they and where are they?

23) What traditions exist in the book (between certain characters, for certain families, at school, etc.)?

24) How do you think each of these characters changes over the course of the novel, if at all?
   -Jill                -Sam                -Lindy
   -Hillary         -Todd               -Bennett
   -Lorylyn        -Brady                
   -Hilton         -Brooke

25) What do you think Brooke’s plan/idea is at the end of the book?

26) What are your predictions for
Wrong All Along?
not like
paradise trilogy