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book club questions
These questions go along with the second Spin the Bottle novel, Wrong All Along. You can use them
with your book club or friends, or just look at them on your own for fun! If you haven’t finished the book
yet though, beware, there are some spoilers!

1) Which character do you most relate to and why?

2) Who are your favorite and least favorite characters?

3) Which situations remind you of ones in your own life?

4) Look at part 2 of the “spin the bottle” poem at the beginning of the book. Who all could the “i” be?

5) For each of the following girls, name the boy who could break her heart. Which girls actually get their
hearts broken by that guy in this book?
   -Jill                -Hilton                
   -Lorylyn        -Lindy                
   -Hillary          -Brooke

6) What are all the possible meanings of the title
Wrong All Along? Where are the 2 times the phrase
“wrong all along” is used in the book? To what all situations does the title apply?

7) What all events are foreshadowed before they happen, and how are they foreshadowed?

8) What events or possibilities are hinted at or foreshadowed but don’t ever happen?

9) What examples are there of dramatic irony in the book (when the reader knows something certain
characters don’t)?

10) What examples are there of situational irony (when something turns out differently from how
characters think it will)?

11) Look at the
summer section, Ch. 8. How is it ironic when Brady says he will never kiss Brooke again in
spin the bottle?

12) How does the quote at the beginning of the
sophomore year section, “so caught up in all the
sweet stuff” apply to different characters/situations?

13) Jill says in the
sophomore year section, Ch. 15, that she missed so many chances to just kiss Todd.
What do you think would have happened if she’d kissed him at any point in the book, such as in
California or after Homecoming?

14) What do you think Todd’s true feelings are for Jill during the summer? At Homecoming? At the end
of the book?

15) When the email accounts are first introduced at the first-day-of-school convocation, Hilton jokingly
says, “Well, maybe this email thing will change our whole school year.” How and for what characters
does this turn out to be true?

16) Think about/discuss multiple meanings of the
sophomore year Ch. 6 title, “no one else.” (This phrase
is actually used in 2 different scenes in the chapter.)

17) Where is the phrase “so naïve” actually used in Ch. 9 of the
sophomore year section, and what do
you think they’re talking about when they say it? What other situation in Ch. 9 could the phrase “so
naïve” describe?

18) Look back at all the scenes mentioning Tiffany, Stacy, and Blake. Any ideas what’s going on with
these 3 girls?

19) Think about/discuss multiple meanings of the
sophomore year Ch. 14 title, “eyes wide shut.” Did you
see the events of this chapter coming?

20) Do you think Lorylyn made the right decision in breaking up with Brady? Should she have seen this
coming, and/or broken up with him sooner?

21) Who do you think loves Brady more, Lorylyn or Brooke? What are Brady’s feelings for each girl? Which
one (if either) do you want him to be with?

22) How is the prom theme (Too Good to Be True) symbolic?

23) What traditions exist in the book (between certain characters, for certain families, at school, at
Landon’s, etc.)?

24) How do various characters change/grow throughout this book? Who doesn’t change or grow at
   -Jill                -Landon        -Lindy
   -Hillary         -Todd             -Brooke
   -Lorylyn        -Brady            -others
   -Hilton          -Bennett

25) What events in the book are initiated or caused by games of spin the bottle?

26) What secrets do characters keep from each other?

27) What was your favorite scene in the book?

28) What are your predictions for
Best-Kept Secrets?
not like
paradise trilogy